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Dear Fight fans,
Counter Punch is a 2 player card game. On the playing cards there are numbers and punch words. Example: Jab-1, Body-2, Hook-3, Overhand-4, Uppercut-5, Combo-6 and Power Punch-7.The higher the number, the harder the punch.

Counter Punch, designed for the real fight fan, is a game that combines the excitement and strategy of boxing. It begins with fun and imagination and incorporates friends and family. Counter Punch is not about glorifying violence, but highlighting the art involved in the sport of boxing. Unlike boxing video games which contain pre-programmed characters (with some characters having a greater advantage over others), Counter Punch is a game where everyone has an equal chance to win. As in an actual boxing match, this card game requires strategy or you could find yourself on the seat of your pants or, even worse, KO'd!

Fight fans will be playing and talking about Counter Punch for years to come. So, fight fans, here is your chance to have the greatest boxing game to ever hit the market.